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Identity Shift provides the process you need to shift your dependence upon a natural father to a reliance on the heavenly Father, as you embrace your position as God’s son or daughter.

In Identity Shift: The Change that Changes Everything, Pastor Dexter Howard shares the story of his own personal identity crisis brought on by fatherlessness.  He addresses the issue of fatherlessness in America and provides the tools he used to overcome his struggle with low self-esteem, fear and insecurities. Now those tools can be used not only by the fatherless who struggle for personal identity, but also everyone who is searching for a revelation about their own significance as seen through God’s eyes.

Through the book Identity Shift, readers will discover:

• The link between fatherlessness and struggles with insecurities, broken relationships, personal confidence and destructive behaviors even among believers.

• The ability each person has to shift their understanding of who they are through God’s eyes.

• Ways to begin healing through confidence based on their true identity as sons and daughters of God.• God’s plan for providing his sons and daughters a powerful sense of purpose and passion.

• A more intimate and satisfying personal relationship with their heavenly father

If you long for a father’s affirmation or desire to go beyond the borders of casual Christianity into a deeper understanding of who you

button-read-introreally are, Identity Shift shows you the way through clear Bible-based teaching and in a step-by-step process.  This edition includes a mini-study and reflection guide as a perfect tool for small teams or Bible study groups.